started its operation in the Fall of 2003 through partnership with Casio in the east part of Iran. This partnetship has been a great start for developing a team that continued to work with other renown brands such as Seiko, Orient, Esprit, Cerruti 1881, Pierre Cardin, Puma, Smalto, Aigner, Misaki, French Connection and Givenchy.
Dijiran's main activity is distribution and sales. This talented and diverse team distributes the products of the world-renown brands in more than 100 locations. In 2011, Dijiran luanched its operation in Tehran to facilitate the access to the Iranian market as a whole.


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headquarters: Koohsangi 23, Mashhad, Iran.
Tel: +98 (511) 8444003
Fax: +98 (511) 8407195